The Radio

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Everyone is conscious of what a Radio is, but has everyone realized how it works? Most of them probably don’t. They just know that it is a machine that lets them listen to music but also interviews or news by choosing different radio stations.

Firstly, they should know that the person who sent and received the first radio waves in 1895 was Guillermo Marconi although there are people who think that the real creator was Aleksandr Stepánovich , Nikola Tesla or Julio Cervera. The truth is that what Nikola Tesla did was take out the first patent for a radio using his Tesla coil.

Over the years, its performance and its shape has evolved a lot to the point that it is no longer necessary to have a radio to hear it, just habitual things in our lives like: a mobile phone, an MP3 player or a television.

By Carla Candelaria