The Motor Car

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Nowadays there are many cars in the world, specifically 1.200 millions. The first car was made in 1886 by Karl Benz. This car had a fuel consuming engine. In that period, not many car makes existed, but today there are over 200 types.

In this country, you can search for many types of cars. In this case, there are cars which work with petrol and others with electricity. I have to say that in my country there are few electric cars. Every time they are more frequent, there is a lot of news related with cars. Many specialists recommend that people have to use electric cars because if we use petrol cars the planet will have a serious problem. Undoubtedly, cars have evolved with the years. For example a car made in 2016, it has a camera, tactile radio, Internet etc.

In my opinion, people should buy an electric car with the objective of helping the planet. I think that an electric car has more positive aspects than a petrol car.

By Daniel Rodríguez