How they celebrate Christmas in Malta

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I´m going to talk about how Christmas is celebrated in Malta. I know some information about it because my cousin of País Vasco went on holiday to Malta. Also because my cousin of here went to Malta for three years because of work and she found a boy who now is her boyfriend. So I know some information about it.

In Malta they also have the tradition of celebrating the birth of Jesus. They have a similar Christmas to here. As I already said celebrate the birth of Jesus with the tolls of the birth of Jesus. So they have also that traditional thing. But they only have Santa Claus, they don´t have The Wise Men because The Wise Men it is a typical tradition in Spain.

They in New Year’s Eve they don´t eat grapes, they don´t celebrate that. They eat chicken with their family. What better plan than eating with the family? This is how people in Malta celebrate Christmas.

By Naroa Rua