Christmas in Australia

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Do you like Christmas? How do you celebrate it? In Australia, Christmas comes at the beginning of the summer holidays. Children have their summer holidays and Christmas together. It isn´t usually so, they have different traditions.

Australians usually decorate their house with lights, hanging wreaths and bunches of “Christmas Bush”, a native Australian tree with small green leaves and cream flowers. However, in summer the flowers turn a shiny red, generally on the Christmas tree. They also decorate their houses with Christmas trees, candles and so on.

Australian also go out to sing Christmas carols. Although they sometimes change the words of Carols about snow and cold because they don’t have these. There are some original Australian Carols.

Another typical thing is the Boxing Day. In it most people go to visit their friends and they usually do barbecues on the beach.

Families try to be together at Christmas. Most people eat a barbecue with seafood and traditional English food. They also have Christmas biscuits with their lunches.

Margarita González