Christmas in Argentina

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Differently to other countries Latin American, in Argentina they prepare the Christmas with a series of own customs and traditions, where the family value and the dinner of good night occupy a very important role. Here are the most popular Christmas events in Argentina.

During the Christmas time, the people meet in the churches to assist to the mass and spend a reflexive time. The eve of 25th of December is an opportunity to appreciate the family value and share this great time.

The typical plates for the Christmas dinner are turkey, pig, etc. The drink is a cup of wine and a Little bit of toasted bread and sweets

All this despite being summer? Yes, in Argentina a very big part of the dinner and the accessories are related to Winter weather. Than most of the South America countries is Winter.

The decor of Argentina´s houses often has red and White. Inside they put a Christmas sock and put a Christmas tree decorated with lights.

Santa Claus brings presents for the Argentinian children, during the night, after dinner, and before this day of Christmas. And then the adults drink some cups and dance

Sara Reyes León