Christmas in Puerto Rico

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Christmas is illusion, holiday, custom, tradition all that with a mixture of lights, happiness, of colours; red, green, gold and silver. The celebration of Christmas supposes the meeting with family and friends. There are different ways to celebrate Christmas depending on the country, but I really like Puerto Rico´s Christmas because they have a lot of events.

  • Christmas Eve: On December 24, all the family gets together to eat food and go to the Gallo´s mass. Furthermore, some of them do the Christmas tree that night.


  • Christmas day: On December 25, the kids and also the eldest wait for the presents of Saint Claus


  • April Fool’s Day: On December 28, represents the soldiers who chased the children by the orders of king Herod. The holidays of this day were celebrated as if it a carnival, where men are soldiers that were going through the houses, «kidnapping» the first-born son of every family.


  • The Magic Kings: On January 5, the children take grass and put it under their beds for the camels. At night the Kings come and leave gifts. The adults do their promises. When the Sun is falling some sing the rosary.


  • Epiphany: On January 6, the children wake up and chase after the gifts that the Kings have left them.


  • Octaves: It starts on January 7 and lasts eight days. Originally these holidays were to praise the Magic Kings and Jesus. The Couplets were devoting themselves to the Magic Kings.

By Ainhoa Sanjuan