Christmas in Traditional Swedish Style

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Christmas markets, July banquets, ice skating, candle processions, glögg and gingerbread cookies … and, of course, the universe of Santa Claus.

Christmas in Sweden makes its cities, towns and villages stand out intensely on the white winter landscape where they are. Without a doubt, they represent the perfect Christmas postcard.

December 13th is when the celebration of Saint Lucia, the Queen of Light takes place, this tradition is 400 years old, it is accompanied by concerts and religious processions.

Dressed as maidens of Saint Lucia in their long white robes, each girl carries a candlestick and wears a crown of lighted candles in her hair. Witnessing the enchantment of this solemn procession of children through cities, towns and churches, handing out saffron buns as they sing beautiful songs in honor of St. Lucia dressed in gingerbread men, pixies and stjärngossar or star boys’ disguises.

By David Santome