Danish Christmas

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Do you think that all the countries celebrate Christmas the same way? Well, I want to tell you how people live Christmas and what their customs are in Denmark.

In Denmark people do some customs before the 24th December.


They buy seals of Christmas and Advent calendars for kids. Danish people on the 24th of December prepare a special dinner and open their presents, they usually dance and sign too.

From my point of view, they live Christmas with enthusiasm and their customs are similar to Spain’s. Also in Denmark, children believe that Julemanden is the man that brings their presents every year. He is very similar to Santa Claus, but he lives in Greenland. Although in my opinion, all the families don´t live this eve at the same way.

All things considered, it is obvious that all countries have their own traditions when Christmas is coming and Denmark has them. I have to say that this country has made a good impact on Christmas.

Ylenia González González