Irish Christmas Traditions

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Have you ever thought about Christmas in Ireland? I believe that If we are all lucky to travel to see it, we will probably know some curiosities of this country about how it celebrate this tradition and what type of things they do.

The people decorate their house with candles that their put in the Windows to remember the dead and the smaller boy of the house must be the one who lights the candles on Christmas Eve and this day they prepare a typical dessert which is called plum pudding. They also do the Christmas tree and the nativity scene.

On the other hand on 25 of December the Irish bath in the sea, usually in the south of Ireland. The tradition is fun but the water is frozen and finally they drink a whisky to recover. The next day the Wren’s day is celebrated where the people dress with old clothes and the children are asking for Money.

In my opinion these parties are special to share with the family although it isn’t very different from other traditions but it is always better to know new ones.

By Angela Falcón