Italian traditions and Christmas Celebrations

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Christmas Celebrations in Italy

Italy is one of the European countries which contains a great diversity of regional traditions, although they differ according to each city. However, Italian Christmas has in common one only purpose: to pay homage to the birth of Jesus.

It begins on December 6th with the Festa di San Nicola, this day pays homage to St. Nicholas and although he is not wearing a red disguise or beard, it is associated with children and the beginning of Christmas parties. This date is celebrated in several towns in this country, as a time to enjoy a family dinner, go to Mass together and give each other some gifts.

Then, on December 8th comes the day of the Immaculate Conception. This is a festive date that is an occasion for families, who begin to set up Christmas decorations in their homes. It can be said that at this date, Christmas Eve is inaugurated

Christmas decorations in Italy


Most homes are decorated with the crib, and although it may seem strange, it is not a custom to have a Christmas tree, at least not as common.

In the houses where the Christmas tree is set up, this is usually natural and placed from December 8th to January 6th which is the day of the Three Kings. The rest of the decoration is usually traditional, coloured lights, Christmas decorations, figures of snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeer, etc.

Christmas dinner in Italy

Usually characterized by abundance, where meat, fruit, sweets and desserts stand out. Apart from this, it is important to mention that this is where one of the icons of Christmas is born in many countries of the world, the panettone, which is a sweet bread that has an outer crust which is a little hard but inside is soft and Is characterized by having pieces of fruit and raisins. It also contains chocolate chips.

By Daniel Henriquez