The Plane

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The plane, also called , air plane, is a fixed wing aerodyne or aircraft with higher density than air, equipped with wings and driven by one or more engines. the airplane was used in world war II to transport troops and they were called gliders.

They can be classified as civilian aircraft that can be load, passenger transport, training, health, fire and military aircraft that can be transport troops, fighters, spies, etc.

The first flight was made by Francois of Rozier and the Marquis of Arlandes in 1783, in a paper balloon filled with hot air, built by the Montgolfier brothers.

On August 28, 1883 John Joseph Montgomery was the first person to make a controlled flight with a glider.

Clement Ader created the first airplane, on October 9, 1890 and the plane was called Eole.

According to the FAI, on December 17, 1903 the wright brothers made the first sustained and controlled flight of a aerodyne driven by a motor.

By Alejandro Tomé.