The Snow Leopard

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The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard lives exclusively in the Himalayan Mountains of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and Nepal, developing its life at a height of not less than 2000 to 6000 meters. It is a Mammal belonging to the group of big cats, their food is carnivorous.

With a life span that reaches 18 years, in adulthood they can reach 1.3 meters in length, they have a strong, compact body with a soft golden coat with darker specks.

Their food is based on the hunting of not very large mammals and cattle. They have become the enemies of farmers who hunt them to keep their property safe, which is why the Snow Leopard is being pushed to extinction.

As there is no other way, there is also fur which plays against them, they are hunted indiscriminately for the sale of their skins, so bad is the problem that there are currently only about 5000 left of the species.

By Angel Falcón