Endangered Tiger

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The Tiger is an animal admired for its fairness, it’s lack of fear and for its predator character. It is the most admired feline of the world and Animal Kingdom. It belongs to the Panther family and six species exist, almost all are endangered.

The tiger is characterized for its black stripes and its fur, it is found in Asia and it has a great inconvenience because it is endangered. Although its conservation status is less critical, it continues threatened. But the numbers of tigers that are in the world are about 3200. However, many are kept in captivity.

The principal threat which the tiger has got are; the deforestation and the human being. The illegal hunting has caused the disappearance of this animal. The causes of the tigers to go through this problem are their skin, meat and body.

In my opinion, we must try to protect this animal more and not abuse it for the market because it is a living being too. And If this animal became extinct it would be a shame for our planet.

By Angela Falcón