The Blue Whale – A Big Endangered Animal

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Have you ever thought about what animals are in danger of extinction? Well, if you have ever thought about this, let me tell you about one of these types of animals, the blue whale.

There are some reasons for which nowadays the blue whale is an animal in danger of extinction. One of the reasons is that, it is the biggest animal in the world. Another reason is the fishing, the people takes advantage of all of it. It is also influenced by the pollution both acoustic and marine. Not forgetting, natural causes.

I believe that we can´t deal with natural causes but we can stop doing things. This situation makes me furious because I don´t understand how people are not able to take measures and see it as something normal.

In conclusion, although the blue whales are not animals that can be kept in enclosures such us the dolphins, the seals and almost all the others marine animals, they should have a quiet environment where to live without being in danger.

Ylenia González González