Green Turtle

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I´m going to write an article about the Green turtle. A very interesting curiosity it isn´t called Green turtle for the colour of his shape, normally the colour is brown or olive, it depends of the habitat for the Green colour of its skin.

The Green turtle is the second biggest turtle after the LUTE TURTLE. They can weigh 230 kilograms. Their heads are often small, it isn´t retractable, its shell has a heart shape, it can measure 150 centimetres. The males are bigger than the females and have a longer tail. Both have fins shaped like palettes, thanks to them, they are elegant and powerful swimmers.

The reduction of these animals is for many reasons; for example the recollection of eggs and meat, a type of cancer, the development of the coast. These animals eat the sea waste, etc.

My conclusion is that if we want to have this species in our world we must look after. Because it is an old species and can give us a lot of culture.

By Sara Reyes León