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Fiat is an Italian brand which has been making vehicles since 1899. It mainly sells in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. They make around two million units annually.

Fiat’s first factory was inaugurated in 1900 and even though there was only about 150 people working there the number of workers grew in less than ten years up to 2500 people. They began manufacturing in other countries like the United States or Russia. They also produced the first taxi, Fiat 1 Fiacre, which they exported to important cities such as Paris, London or New York. Now their cars are sold everywhere and have improved since.

I am sure everyone has heard of their Fiat 500. It is one of their most popular cars and has been since it came out. Even though the original prototype came out in 1957, the brand launched this new model of car in 2007 and everyone loved it; it was an improved version of the original.

In conclusion, I think Fiat is a really good brand that will probably keep growing.

By Nayara Mendoza