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Who doesn’t like a high-end car? Or a luxury car? Most people want one of them. But, not everybody can afford one. Although most of them are very expensive some are more affordable like the Chevrolet.

Chevrolet is an American car and lorry brand, which forms part of The General Motors Group. Chevrolet was founded by  Louis Chevrolet and William Crapo on the 3th of November of 1911. Firstly they were dedicated to building strong car. However, later they dedicated to produce high-end cars and sell them for a low cost.

In 2011 was the hundred anniversary of this brand. In these years they have sold more than 209 million vehicles all over the world. 60% of them have been sold in the USA. This statement has turned Chevrolet into the most selling car brand. They have put on sale more than 80 different car models.

All in all, Chevrolet is one of the most selling car brands. It is also very popular, because it offers high-end cars at an affordable price.

Margarita Gonzalez

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