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The mini, also known as Mini Cooper or Mini One, is a segment B car produced since 2001 by BMW. The retro design, created by Frank Stephenson, is inspired on the original, that was put on the market in 1959. The new model is manufactured in Oxford, England.

There are a lot of models, like Hatch (2001) with only three doors but in 2015 they created a new model with five doors, Clubman (2007), Cabrio (2009) that was convertible and with two doors, Countryman (2010) and 5 doors (2014), the first models with five doors like almost all cars; there is also a family model with six doors.

Mechanically it has four-cylinder front wheel drive and front-wheel drive with manual gearbox of five or six changes and automatic of six gears. The length is from 3821 mm to 4299 mm.

The price is very expensive, it usually costs around 23.000 €, but it is an excellent car. A curiosity is that the mini has obtained two homologations to compete in rally events.

By Noemi Olivares