Can I use these articles in the classroom with my student?
Yes, you can use these articles provided you follow the Terms & Conditions, please read this section.

I am a teacher teaching English in a school, can my students publish articles in your newspaper?
Yes of course, that is the main idea of this site, send us your articles accompanied by:

  • a license free photograph
  • the name of the student
  • name of the student
  • Town, Province and Country

Will all the articles sent be published?
Normally all articles sent will be published in the next edition providing the content follows our publication standards.

Will the articles be corrected before published?
All published articles are edited before publishing, content will never be changed, the editing will check grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Which type of articles will not be published?
Any articles containing material considered offensive, inaccurate or entirely incorrect will not be published.

I am a student, can I publish articles by myself or do I have to do it through the school?
The purpose of The Canary Express is to promote the liking of writing among students so all students wishing to publish articles are very welcome to send us their work.

What is the publishing deadline for the articles ?
There is a monthly edition, the deadline for the reception of articles is the 15th of each month.